A New Kind of Birth Story

Many women learn about parenthood philosophies so they can have the right parenting behaviors—but what hasn’t been encouraged is how to enter parenthood with the right emotional and psychological well-being.

The New Leading Killer of Adolescent Girls

Reprinted with permission from the Thomson Reuters Foundation As an advocate working in a research institute, I rely on evidence to understand and underscore the importance of issues. Over the years, when arguing for expanded sexual and reproductive health information and services for youth worldwide, I’ve often cited the fact that maternal mortality was the […]

Trigger-Warning Debate Ignores Survivors’ Voices

Trigger warning: Discusses trauma, suicide, sexual assault, child abuse Dismissing people who suffer emotional distress or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as “insane” or “too sensitive” is definitely not a new phenomenon. Not that long ago, people with certain psychological symptoms were dismissed as having “hysteria” or “shell shock.” And calling someone “crazy” for expressing their […]

NEWSFLASH: Plea Deal Confirmed for Bei Bei Shuai

The two-year case of Bei Bei Shuai, the Indiana woman imprisoned for feticide after she attempted suicide while 33 weeks pregnant, could have set a harmful legal precedent for pregnant women if it had gone to trial. Thankfully, the plea deal reached on Friday means that the case is now closed, and Shuai is a […]