What an Increasingly Older Population Means for Women

Within the next 10 years, the number of people over age 60 will surpass one billion, as the world’s population reaches between seven and eight billion. By 2050, the world’s 80-and-older population will nearly triple. The United States currently has the third highest number of older people (ages 60 and up), but many developing countries […]

Safer Sex After 50

A new study finds women over 50 want help negotiating safer sex and need better conversations about sex with healthcare providers. This follows reports of increases in STIs amongst those over 45 over the last few years. Gasp! Women over 50 have sex! And not just inside decades-long marriages! (Figured I’d get that out of […]

Super Committee: Don’t Leave Older Women and Their Families Behind!

Times are tough for hardworking Americans of all ages. But while it’s imperative that Congress look for a balanced approach (including revenues) to deficit reduction, it also needs to protect low- and middle-income elders who rely on programs such as Social Security, Medicaid, Meals on Wheels, the Senior Community Service Employment Program and more. As […]

Take Off the Cap: How to Protect Women Under Social Security

by Martha Burk When former senator Alan Simpson, Republican co-chair of President Obama’s National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform, called Social Security “a milk cow with 310 million tits” last summer, it was not only a misogynistic insult but a symbolic shot at the benefit program older women depend on most. Started in 1935, […]

Great Old Broads Take on Washington

It’s not every day that a handful of women in their sixties play a game using leaf blowers and a large yellow ball on the National Mall in Washington. But such antics are par for the course for Great Old Broads for Wilderness, an organization that enjoys its environmentalism spiced with a healthy mix of hilarity. […]

With Miss Cougar 2010, Is the Word Losing Its Teeth?

In 2010, it’s officially beyond a doubt that “cougar” is a part of our cultural lexicon. That’s especially true now that the 40-years-and-older women who date younger men have their own beauty pageant. Los Angeles resident CC Perkinson was crowned Miss Cougar 2010 Del Mar last week in the second annual contest. The LA Weekly […]