Exits and Entrances

America is not yet a society of cynics. Its citizens have not yet given up hope in their country. An overwhelming majority of Americans actually do believe there is a distinction between facts and fiction, truth and lies. They do not want to live in a polarized society, divided against themselves. And many of them are women.

Backward and in High Heels: Sandra Day O’Connor

Chief Justice Warren Burger, one hand on Sandra Day O’Connor’s arm as they descended the steps of the Supreme Court just before her 2 p.m. swearing-in ceremony on September 25, 1981, shouted to reporters, “You’ve never seen me with a better looking justice.” Society pages cheerily noted that she and Byron White were the first […]

Buy the Cookies!

I was an active Girl Scout through third grade, and I hated almost every minute of it. I hated being told what to do, so I hated the uniforms and the badge-earning activities, and I just wasn’t touchy-feely enough to enjoy the singing or promises of friendship forever. My mom forced me to stay enrolled […]