Today in Feminist History: Seven Consecutive Days of Hiking Hasn’t Stopped the Suffragist Army of the Hudson from Speaking Up

February 19, 1913: After seven consecutive days of walking, and approximately 116 of the 225 miles from Newark, New Jersey, to Washington, D.C. behind them, the suffrage hikers in General Rosalie Jones’ Army of the Hudson are spending today in Wilmington, Delaware—”getting new feet,” as they put it. But while the morning may have been spent applying much of the city’s available supply of liniment to sore feet, the hikers’ voices were not given any pampered treatment during the day’s stopover.

Today in Feminist History: Suffragists Protest on Independence Day

July 4, 1876: An eloquent and timely reminder that the American Revolution has brought liberty and equality to only some of its citizens over the past century became an unauthorized part of the nation’s centennial celebration here at Independence Square in Philadelphia today. Susan B. Anthony, Matilda Joslyn Gage, Sara Andrews Spencer, Lillie Devereux Blake and Phoebe W. Couzins […]

All the Things I Learned During Women’s History Month

I’ll be a senior in college when I return to school in September, and no insult to my university, but I learned more about women’s history in one month on the Ms. Blog than I have in the last three years. It may have been the personal narratives that helped me absorb so much material, […]

Live-Blogging Women’s History: March 31, 1915

Today marks the end of Women’s History Month, and the completion of 31 days of David Dismore’s you-are-there reports (check through Mscellany to catch the ones you’ve missed). He ends with a post on his favorite topic, woman suffrage. March 31, 1915: Today, Alice Paul‘s Congressional Union (CU) became a national organization, adopted a constitution […]

Live-Blogging Women’s History: March 30, 1970

March 30, 1970: The New York State Assembly today came within three votes of replacing the state’s 140-year-old ban on abortions–except those to save the life of the woman–with a bill that would make abortions a matter strictly between a woman and her doctor (through the 24th week of pregnancy). After the State Senate passed […]