Stay Alert Until Every Vote Is Counted: A U.S. Election Observer’s Message

As a career diplomat who proudly represented the United States abroad in Latin America, Europe, Central Asia and Africa, I saw firsthand how elections were stolen in repressive countries. In the days ahead, we need to make sure that every vote is counted to avoid this result at home,” writes Mark L. Asquino, the U.S. ambassador to Equatorial Guinea from 2012 to 2015, the conclusion of nearly four decades as a foreign service officer.

What Do Women (Voters) Want? A Plan, Say Supermajority’s Cecile Richards and Juanita Tolliver

This year, the gender gap is wider than it’s ever been—a large reason for Biden’s lead nationally and in the battleground states.

But what do these women voters want? And what’s different about the 2020 election, compared to those in the past?

Ms. editor Roxy Szal in conversation with Cecile Richards, Supermajority’s CEO and co-founder, and Juanita Tolliver, Supermajority’s political director.

Women’s Representation: Trump Drives Away Women Voters in “Historic” Numbers

Weekend Reading for Women’s Representation is a compilation of stories about women’s representation.

This week: RepresentWomen’s Gender Parity Index map tracks women’s progress state by state; how Trump and his allies are driving away women voters; the 21 in ’21 initiative to get more women elected to the NYC Council; a historic number of women are running for Parliament in Egypt; the growing call for gender quotas in Somalia; ranked-choice voting is on the ballot; honoring witches—past and present; must-read feminist thrillers; and more.