Bringing Women to the Front of NATO’s Critical Work for International Security

Under Deputy Secretary General Rose Gottemoeller’s leadership, NATO has redoubled efforts to integrate women’s perspectives and participation.

WATCH: A Message from Our Syrian Sisters

In a powerful video, four Syrian peace-builders share a single message to the world: Syrian women have ambitions and capacities to make change.

How Women Are Rebuilding Nepal

Nepali women played a crucial role in relief efforts after an earthquake and a decade of civil war—and many continue to help the country as it moves into long-term recovery initiatives.

We Need Better Data on Gender to Win Victories for Women and Girls Worldwide

Data is essential to achieving the goals expressed by feminist advocates and lawmakers—yet we are still grappling to collect and use data that highlights the unique experiences of women and girls and reveals barriers to gender equality.

Violence Is Not Inevitable: How UN Sanctions Can Prevent Rape and Sexual Assault in Armed Conflict

We’ve seen groundbreaking shifts in the treatment of conflict-related sexual violence by the UN Security Council in recent years. Unfortunately, there is still a long way to go.

Why Does the U.S. Rank 22nd Globally on Women’s Wellbeing?

Violence against women and gaps in political representation are among the key factors in where the U.S. stands compared to the rest of the world on gender issues. But improvement is possible.

When Disasters Hit, Women are Key to Recovery

As communities begin the often long, challenging and costly process of disaster recovery—and preparation for future disasters—they must not turn a blind eye to women’s needs.

What Happened to Washington’s Women Ambassadors?

The number of women ambassadors to Washington, DC has been steadily dropping since 2013.

WATCH: How Women Shaped the Peace Deal in Colombia

Women played an important role in shaping the Colombian peace agreement, which ended the longest armed conflict in the Western Hemisphere.

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