Fabulous Feminist Fiction for the End of Summer

Summer days spent with a good book are coming to an end—which gives feminists all the more reason to rush out and read these before fall comes.

Confronting the Dangers of Medical Sexism at “The Bleeding Edge”

Kirby Dick’s new Netflix documentary, “The Bleeding Edge,” reveals the dangers of the world of under-regulated medical devices—and their disproportionate impacts on women’s lives.

The Ms. Q&A: Therese Shechter and Glynnis MacNicol on Being Child-Free by Choice and Changing the Conversation on Women’s Lives

Filmmaker Therese Shechter documented the lives of women who are child-free by choice for her latest release. Author Glynnis MacNicol’s memoir documents her fortieth year as a single and child-free woman. We talked to both women about changing the conversation about motherhood and women’s lives.

Claiming Public Space for Girls on International Youth Day

In 2015, UN Women declared public space to be “a social good, which should be safe, accessible, inclusive and available for all,” though many youth do not enjoy such accessibility. This is especially true for young women.

This Week in Women: Taking Steps Toward Gender Parity in Politics Worldwide

Tuesday’s primaries broke the record for the number of women who have secured a major party nomination for the U.S. House of Representatives. In Argentina, a disappointing vote on abortion was still a milestone for women.

LISTEN: Poet Fatimah Asghar Explores Partition, Immigration and Assimilation in “If They Come For Us”

In an exclusive clip for Ms. readers, Asghar reads four poems from her debut collection out now.

I Won’t Stop Fighting for Title X—Because it Transformed My Mother’s Life

My mother can recall in vivid detail the day she went with her friends to buy birth control in 1970.

The (Unfortunately Timely) Miseducation of Cameron Post

“The Miseducation of Cameron Post” will make you laugh—but it won’t let you forget the horrors of anti-gay conversion therapy.

From Hope to Destitution: Life Inside Egypt’s Women-Only Village

Al Samaha was meant to provide the women residing within it with a rare space to be self-reliant—but an attempt to create a haven for women exiled for their lack of male guardianship has become a prison for its residents. 

Politics is on the Menu at Hell’s Backbone Grill

Restaurant owners are making headlines as they navigate the turbulent waters between business and politics. But for the two women who run Hell’s Backbone Grill in a rural Utah town, the road to activism didn’t require a second thought.

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