He Says it Didn’t Happen: Rob Porter, Donald Trump and How We Treat Abuse Allegations

To accept an alleged perpetrator’s denial as proof of their innocence perpetuates the dynamics of domestic abuse. In the era of #MeToo, we must do better.

Young Women Are Demanding an End to Gun Violence in the Wake of Last Week’s School Shooting

Young women and girls are leading the way in the wake of the Stoneman Douglas school shooting.

Pro-Choice Activists Kept Toledo’s Only Abortion Clinic Open

An Ohio abortion clinic that was dangerously close to ceasing services will continue providing abortions thanks to activist pressure—including efforts by Ms. co-founder Gloria Steinem.

Talkin’ About a Revolution: JP Howard on Raising Her Fist—and Queer Women’s Voices

“It is crucial, in fact necessary, to have literary spaces like Sinister Wisdom to raise our voices, lift our symbolic fists and say ‘We are here! We are not going anywhere. We refuse to be silenced.'”

WATCH: Dolores Huerta Talks #MeToo, DREAMers and the Women on the Front Lines

As a life-long activist who has shaped movements for labor rights, immigration rights and women’s rights, Dolores Huerta comes to this current moment in feminist history with a unique vantage point. 

The Ms. Q&A: Brittney Cooper on Grown Women, Sex-Positive Sermons and Eloquent Rage

We spoke to black feminist public scholar Brittney Cooper about her new book, Eloquent Rage—and feminism, antiracism, Black Lives Matter, the Black Church, Beyoncé and Hillary Clinton.

Flying Out of Bed

I know why I haven’t spoken about the violence that shaped my life. If the holding of pain is hard, the speaking of it to a world that does not want to hear is not a risk most of us will take.

What We Must Learn from Lucy Terry Prince

This is the story of a freed landowning slave woman from the 1700’s that has become an ever-more-timely instruction for all of us about the power of voice, the human imperative to witness and the reminder that we all must address injustice even when the stakes are high.

The Horror Moves West

The heart of darkness, “the horror, the horror” of which Joseph Conrad warned, lies not in some distant jungle—but right here, in our midst.

Liberating Words: Is It Too Late For Me?

“be my own Woman?
put on high heels, high bun,
too high expectations.”

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