Birth Justice: Where #MeToo and Medical Sexism Intersect

We need to start calling obstetric violence what it is.

“Capernaum” Tells a Universal Story—But it’s Hard to Watch

Picks of the Week is Women and Hollywood’s newest resource. We are often asked for recommendations, so each week we’ll spotlight the women-driven and women-made projects—movies, series, VOD releases and more—that we’re most excited about. Sign up for the Women and Hollywood newsletter at to get each week’s pick delivered to your inbox. This Week’s Pick: […]

Ms. Muse: Liliya Yamkina’s Love Song

She longs for the snowy tundra, folk tales around the bonfire, her magic being needed. Isolated, she feels forgotten. But in her apartment, she keeps a notebook in a closet, and in that notebook, she writes love songs—love songs for the tundra.

No Country for (Old) White Men

Our very democracy—and indeed, our planet—is in peril. Why would we entrust the old white men who made the problem to clean it up?

Teacher Training, Not Tear Gas

Now is the time to spend our money, time and know-how reaching people in great need with tried and true interventions—including educational resources for children. This approach is a smarter and more sustainable plan forward than spending billions of dollars building a wall or terrorizing immigrants. It’s also more humane.

We Still Have a Lot of Scaling Up to Do

In the 116th Congress, women will hold at least 23.4 percent of all seats, up from 20 percent in 2018. That isn’t enough.

Who’s Your Daddy?

In order to dismantle patriarchy, and still nurture the vital human force of masculinity, we have to understand our draw and repulsion to Daddy: the nurturer, the dominator, the destroyer, the lover. I had the tools to do that.

Holiday Gift Guide: Feminist Workbooks, Journals and Handbooks Made for Marching On

These books will keep the feminists on your list busy and inspired in the new year—and may even help them change their communities and the world.

How Long Must Incarcerated Women Wait for Dignity?

There’s no good reason why the Dignity for Incarcerated Women Act hasn’t already been made law or been brought to the floor for the vote it deserves.

Holiday Gift Guide: Patriarchy-Smashing Children’s Books for Young Feminists

It’s never too early to start reading to kids, or to kick off a consciousness-raising session with them—and these feminist children’s books make it easier than ever to do both.

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