Marching On for Working Moms

What talent are we losing in our country’s business, security or political leadership by forcing young women to make impossible choices between work and family?

Marching On for (Constitutional) Menstrual Equity

Ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment goes beyond a matter of principle. It would also offer a host of legal remedies to gender-based disparities, including discrimination in the workplace and the injustices that face survivors in our rape culture—and it would be a major boon to the emerging movement for menstrual equity.

Dred Feminist Rant: This is a Women’s March Call-In

The women’s movement is more complex and more diverse than ever before. We’ve shown what we can do at the polls—and now we must show our determination to defend democracy from those who want to destroy it for profit.

How to Get Your Message Across at the Women’s March

I’ve been backstage coaching women leaders since the Million Mom March in 2000. Whether you’re speaking to the crowd or marching right along with it this year, these three tips will help you keep your head in the game so your message rings clear.

“When They Go Low, We Go Vote!”

100,000 people marched to the polls in Chicago ahead of the midterm elections. Across the country, feminists today are doing the same.

The WalkWoke App Puts Women’s Faces and Voices at the Heart of Resistance

We must always remember that women have not and are not always safe in the public theater of protest and demonstration, whether on the streets or in digital spaces—where violence and harassment are often anonymous, faceless and unaccountable.

The Stories of Our Signs

The silent outrage women have felt for oh, so long is finally gaining voice and gaining volume.

The 2018 Women’s Marches by the Numbers

Nearly 2.7 million people joined at least 419 Women’s Marches in the U.S. and its territories, in red states and blue states, in all 50 states, and at least 131 marches in 33 other countries around the world.

The Rise of Women: Onward in 2018

This will not be our defeat; it is our rebirth. Change is possible. And I believe it can begin with young women like me. 

#MeToo Was a Rallying Cry at Women’s Marches in Italy

The #MeToo movement—also known in Italy as #quellavoltache (that time that)—was a central focus of this year’s Women’s Marches in Rome, Milan and Florence.

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