We Are Feminists Because…

This last week, Natalie Hart wrote a post about Reclaim The Name, a project she undertook in school to replace “I’m not a feminist but…” with “I am a feminist because…” Natalie notes that her idea behind the campaign was to:

remove any damning myths associated with the feminist movement by coming out, loud and proud, about the reality of what being a feminist really means.

Natalie, we couldn’t agree more with you.

Here at Ms., we want people to feel comfortable identifying as a feminist. Our strength is in numbers and in sisterhood–and our silence about feminism will only strengthen those who oppose our feminist ideals.

We wanted you to know why we are feminists. So we will be posting a few videos of the Ms. and Feminist Majority staff telling you some of the many reasons why we are feminists.

And we want your story too!

Send your videos to msreclaimthename@gmail.com telling us why you are a feminist. We will post some of the submissions here on the blog, and the others will go up on our YouTube page. If you’re an individual, your video should be no more than two minutes long; if you have done a group video, keep it to no more than 4 minutes.

We’ll start with some of our stories, then we look forward to yours!

Photo from Flickr user außerirdische sind gesund under Creative Commons 2.0.