Click! A Chubby Ballerina Gets Wise

I was maybe 8 or 9, my chubby self stuffed into a brand new pink leotard and tights. I was not happy in this outfit, largely because my little body did not “fit” the ballet-body type–a fact my older brother’s very tall, very thin girlfriend pointed out regularly. When I got out of the car, […]

Click! Everything I Needed To Know I Learned in Kindergarten

I was 5 years old when I first had that sensation that comes from your gut when you know something isn’t right. Not a feeling of danger, but of righteous anger at injustice. It comes from deep inside, where instinct resides. There I was, in my mud-stained jeans and forever-disheveled hair, playing in the kindergarten […]

Click! One Raging Ringing of the Bells

I grew up in a conservative, working-class Catholic home where I had never even heard of feminism. Whilst I had numerous “click” moments, I had no idea what to make of them, nor what to do about them. So I became angry without an outlet. Here are some examples of my cacophony of “clicks” that […]

Click! A Feminist All Along

To borrow from Twelfth Night: Some are born feminists, some achieve feminism, and some have feminism thrust upon them. Those in the first category received Ms. rolled up in their Christmas stockings and started advocating for gender equality in the playground. My reluctant transition into feminism, however, puts me squarely in the second category. I […]

Click! My Grandmother’s Resistance

“How am I going to manage without you?” my maternal grandmother Pata wailed at the viewing of her husband’s recently deceased body. As a precocious and carefully inscrutable 12-year-old, I remember feeling embarrassed on her behalf, and thus mine, that she expressed public grief for logistical support rather than the passionate loss I had seen […]

Click! Super Sloppy 17ths

I realized I was a feminist the first time I gave myself permission to be angry with men. My first boyfriend in high school spent a lot of time undermining me in ways that felt like love. He’d tell me I was pretty but not sexy, and then have sex with me. He’d tell me […]

Click! Hmmm, Aha! and Oh no!

I had my first feminist stirring, or “Hmmm” moment, in grade school when I noticed teachers always asked boys to help them carry boxes, move the mobile TV or assist with other physical chores. I accepted this at first because, I guess, I bought into the idea that I was just a weaker-than-the-boys girl. But […]

Click! It’s Not You, It’s Patriarchy

“It’s not you. You’re not an isolated case. It’s systematic and it’s called patriarchy,” said the radical 60-something woman at the front of the room with the “War is not good for children and other living creatures” medallion swinging from her neck. She wore a turtleneck encased in a neat blazer and put one leg […]