No Comment: “Give Us Your Cash, Bitch”

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, along comes “Give Us Your Cash, Bitch,” the frontrunner for the most racism and misogyny ever combined in one political ad. In it, Los Angeles City Council member Janice Hahn, who is running for California’s 36th Congressional seat against Republican Craig Huey, is portrayed as a stripper who offers cash from her underwear to her so-called “homeboyz” so they can “shoot up the streets.”

The ad’s creator, Ladd Ehlinger Jr., was evidently inspired by Hahn’s support of the “Gang Alternatives Program,” which works to keep children as young as 4th graders out of gangs. Ehlinger produced the ad for the conservative super-PAC Turn Right USA, and has already responded to critics of his portrayal with the following statement: “Suck it.” Both Hahn and Huey have condemned the ad.


Annie is the Community Editor at The Nation and the former New Media Coordinator at Ms. magazine. She studied sociology and women's studies at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. She's a big fan of birds, plants and things that are funny. Her animal totem is the bat.