Can Ecofeminist Activism Save the Planet?

Is environmentalism a feminist issue? Well, it’s hard to argue with the fact that climate change disproportionately affects poor women and children, especially in the Global South. Also, pollution and a lack of clean drinking water and sanitation services are daily issues women must combat. And that’s just a start of an answer to the […]

Resilience in Slums a Lesson For Cynical Western Feminists

Traveling halfway around the world–or in my case, several hours east–can set the expectations for a conference rather high. When my friend and colleague Holly asked me to attend the Third International Conference on Women’s Safety: Building Inclusive Cities in New Delhi, it never occurred to me to say no. But how can a group […]

Global Economics as Feminist Art

Economics tends to make a lot of people I know feel stupid. My circle is largely comprised of activists, artists and writers, with a few political scientists in the mix. Generally speaking, gender stereotypes about women in mathematics aside, we’re not supposed to be very good with numbers. But because a lot of us care […]