Iran’s Green Tuesdays

If it’s Tuesday in Tehran, it must be time to protest. At least that’s been the case in Iran for the past couple of weeks, and probably will continue to be true during the next couple as well. And one of the best reasons to protest is on behalf of the rights of women. “Tuesdays […]

Alert: Ashtiani Faces Imminent Execution

Never before has the cruelty of Iranian criminal justice system been more evident than now. The International Committee Against Stoning reported Monday that the Iranian government has given the go-ahead for Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani to be executed for adultery. At the same time, Nasrin Sotoudeh–a prominent human rights lawyer incarcerated in Iran’s notorious Evin prison–has […]

The Imagined Cyber War Against Iran

Fars News Agency in Iran recently announced that thirty individuals have been arrested for “Cyber crimes.” Reflecting the view of security officials, Fars victoriously reports of a ‘crackdown’ on an organized network of U.S. agents, and more specifically the CIA, who have been engaged in ‘cyber war’ against the Islamic Republic of Iran.