The First Feminist Who Loved Me

Writer and professor Gloria González-López recalls her mother’s words In Spanish and English throughout the years in this moving personal essay.

“Do not put any makeup on her. I think that when she grows up, she going to be like those women who think and write.”
“The priest is a man; the priest is not God.”
“Soy una sirvienta sin sueldo”—I am a maid with no pay.

Un Violador En Tu Camino: The Song That Made Transnational Feminism Go Viral

The feminist anthem has been performed in Spanish by women in contrasting racialized urban and less urbanized Latin American spaces, mestizo as well as indigenous, either in Oaxaca or the Amazonian. Spain and other European countries, as well as Australia and New Zealand have witnessed the same orchestrating of the now popular feminist protest; in the United States, events at the Brooklyn Bridge, the LACMA in Los Angeles, and on some campuses such as Penn and UT Austin have taken place.