Sen. Patty Murray: That Jobs Report Didn’t Surprise Working Parents. It’s Past Time to Make Child Care Affordable for Every Family

Whether it’s because they live in a child care desert, work non-traditional hours, or the cost is simply too high—the lack of access to quality, affordable child care is making it impossible for parents, and in particular women, to get back to work.

We have an historic opportunity to re-build an economy that actually works for women and working families and supports children’s growth and development by finally making child care a priority, not an afterthought.

The Story Behind Her: Journalist Nicole A. Childers Is “Laser-Focused” on Responsible Story-Telling

Change starts with recognizing the people behind the byline. All year, join us on the last Thursday of the month to learn The Story Behind Her.

This week, meet Nicole A. Childers—an executive producer on Marketplace. Childers is also member of IWMF’s new Next Gen Safety Trainers program—which aims to train a cohort of women and non-binary people to counter the disparity that exists in the security advising and training space, currently dominated by cisgender, white men.

Keeping Score: Chloé Zhao Makes Oscars History; Philonise Floyd Calls Chauvin Verdict “Necessary”; Senate Passes Anti-Hate Crime Bill; Reuters’s First Woman Editor-in-Chief

This week: Biden administration speaks on Black maternal health; all U.S. adults are eligible for COVID-19 vaccination; Derek Chauvin is convicted for murdering George Floyd; Senate passes bill to address anti-Asian crimes; Biden pledges to cut emissions in half; and more!