Voting Rights are Reproductive Rights: Legislators Across 19 States on 19th Amendment’s Legacy

Reproductive freedom and voting are intrinsically linked.

“As long as women’s reproductive freedom continues to be politicized, women must vote.”

“Controlling women’s bodies has been a method of subjugation for centuries, as has been hindering and preventing people from voting, a central pillar of our democracy. Notably, we cannot truly get or keep one without the other.”

Conventional Ignorance: Belva Davis Confronts Violent Racism at the 1964 RNC

At the very outset of what would become an award-winning career as a TV journalist, Belva Davis confronted violent racism at the 1964 Republican National Convention, at which conservative Arizona senator Barry Goldwater was nominated for the presidency. Her memory of that daunting experience reminds us that we’ve been through change followed by backlash before.

“Day one of the convention had been tense but orderly. … Day two was starting to spin out of control.”

Women’s Representation Roundup: The Convergence of Kamala and the Suffrage Centennial

Weekend Reading for Women’s Representation is a compilation of stories about women’s representation.

This week: the president’s “strange” pardon of Susan B. Anthony; the convergence of Kamala and suffrage; next steps for Black women in the political realm; how to eliminate gerrymandering and elect more women; why women vote more than men; a gender audit of judicial positions in Kenya; women in the democracy reform movement; rest in power: Chris Jahnke; and suggested reading from the team.

Black College Grads End up With $25,000 More in Loans Than Whites. Cancel That Debt.

A move to cancel student debt for borrowers, especially Black and Brown students, who could not draw upon the equity in a family home or other savings will put more spending money in people’s pockets at a moment when the economy desperate needs it.

Canceling loans for people who have been denied wealth-building opportunities is a moral and economic imperative.