Georgia Wrongfully Purged 200K Voters—With Focus on Black Voters, ACLU Report Finds

A recent shocking report published by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) exposes massive voter suppression efforts in Georgia:

Almost 200,000 voters in Georgia were purged from the rolls for allegedly moving—when in reality, they had not moved at all.

Voters were purged at a 63.3 percent error rate.

An overwhelming majority of the wrongly identified movers resided in the Atlanta Metro Area—a majority Black city.

Vote 2020: Start Planning Today

This year more than ever, every single one of us must make our voices heard. It’s critical that we understand our rights and navigate the system of roadblocks and misinformation erected to undercut and undercount our votes. Start planning your roadmap today to the destination, which is safe and successful voting so that your vote is counted on, not after, November 3.

What’s at Stake: Your Family’s Child Care

About half of child care providers have been forced to close due to COVID-19, and many face the possibility of permanent closure. The COVID-19 pandemic could lead to a permanent loss of nearly 4.5 million child care slots, leaving millions of families without the child care they need to return to work.

Right now Congress is appropriating literally trillions to keep businesses afloat in a post-corona economy. Are families less important?