Rage Baking With My Two Mothers

“I bake when I am mad,” Virginia said with a strange calm. This had clearly been an epic rage. Her anger—blended with flour, butter and sugar—expressed more than that saccharine cliché of “baking with love.” It had power.

Eve Rodsky Wants Feminist Partners to Play Fair

Whether we’re in relationships or not, “Fair Play” makes one wonder what would happen if we all made “intentional choices about how to spend our time and thoughtfully create our lives.” What would life be like if women had more “time and space to reclaim, or discover and nurture, the natural gifts and interests” that make us who we are?

The State of the World’s Fathers

Fifty minutes a day. That’s the amount of additional time men would need to contribute every day to caring for children and households to make a leap toward achieving gender equality in unpaid care, according to the third-ever State of the World’s Fathers report.