The Crime Hidden in Plain Sight: An Interview with Amy Ziering, Director of ‘Allen v. Farrow’

We’ve grown accustomed to the premise underpinning the HBOMax series ‘Allen v. Farrow,’ directed by Amy Ziering and Kirby Dick. Yet another heralded male celebrity, this time Woody Allen, is exposed by accusations of sexual assault. Yet, what’s most disturbing about the details uncovered by the investigative work in ‘Allen v. Farrow’ is just how much hid in plain sight—for nearly 30 years.

My Refugee Cousin is the Head of ICE

“As the director of ICE … my cousin [Tony Pham] will be deporting people for whom there is no path at all, even if they have paid taxes here for many years or are Dreamers who were brought here as children. He will fight to block more refugees from following in his own footsteps.”

New Report Points to Women’s Mental Health Crisis

A new report from humanitarian organization CARE is pointing to an overlooked crisis: women’s mental health. According to the report, women were almost three times more likely than men to report that their mental health had been impacted by the pandemic. Women cited issues such as skyrocketing unpaid care burdens and worries about livelihoods, food and health care—all of which are causing rising rates of anxiety, stress and other mental health issues.

A Roof of One’s Own

In this personal essay, Ms. contributor Suhasini Yeeda shares her reflections on the house she grew up in.

She writes, “By the time I was gifted the back room, there were neither parties nor full houses. It was just my mom and me and the silence about our shared history spent in my father’s house before his passing. There was everything that came after this loss. Before and after, there was the roof.”