What Do Women (Voters) Want? A Plan, Say Supermajority’s Cecile Richards and Juanita Tolliver

This year, the gender gap is wider than it’s ever been—a large reason for Biden’s lead nationally and in the battleground states.

But what do these women voters want? And what’s different about the 2020 election, compared to those in the past?

Ms. editor Roxy Szal in conversation with Cecile Richards, Supermajority’s CEO and co-founder, and Juanita Tolliver, Supermajority’s political director.

Q&A: Author Caitlin Donohue on Electing Women and the Power of Representation

Though female politicians have gained power and influence, they are still too often squeezed into constricting, one-dimensional, girl boss narratives. No more.

First-time author Caitlin Donohue’s “She Represents: 44 Women Who are Changing Politics… and the World,” recounts women who are influential in global politics yet have diversified beliefs, achievements and journeys.