Pearl Ricks: Race and Privilege are Major Gatekeepers to Abortion Care

The recent June Medical Services vs. Russo decision safeguarded the right to abortion access for vulnerable communities in Louisiana—but it was a small victory in the larger battle for abortion rights and access. Ms. talked to Pearl Ricks, Executive Director of the Reproductive Justice Action Collective, about the June Medical decision and the gatekeeping of abortion in the U.S.—and who it affects most.

“People in the South want to be able to access abortions—whether they ever get one in their lives or not. But who are the louder voices? Who are the ones most adamantly going out and voting?”

Musician Margaret Glaspy is Exploring “Devotion” in Quarantine

When singer-songwriter Margaret Glaspy imagined the release of “Devotion,” her sophomore record, it didn’t include a world-wide quarantine.

“Devotion” is a mark of her commitment to process through electronic pop, a sonic shift away from her highly praised folk debut. With lyrics that delve into gray areas of love, art and political engagement, Glaspy holds up multidimensionality in earnest. She hopes to reach the others who could use a lift, and articulates how the act of creating anchors her, even now.

Celebrating the Suffrage Centennial with “The Vote” Producer Michelle Ferrari

Producer Michelle Ferrari sits down with Ms. for a conversation surrounding her new documentary exploring the 72-year battle that eventually led to the passage of the 19th Amendment. The two-part documentary explains the long-fought and surprisingly unfamiliar story of women’s struggle to secure the right to vote. The film comes at a crucial moment, commemorating the centennial of the women’s vote— focusing on divisions in the movement, injustices, obstacles and achievements.

Q&A: Oakland Architect Deanna Van Buren Is Building a World Without Prisons

Deanna Van Buren is co-founder, executive director and design director of Designing Justice + Designing Spaces, an Oakland-based architecture and real estate development nonprofit working to end mass incarceration by building infrastructure that redefines the entire criminal justice pipeline.

“There’s an entire infrastructure for criminal justice; we could create an entire infrastructure for restorative justice.”

Feminist Lens: Cheryl L. Bedford’s Vision for a Diverse and Inclusive Hollywood

Founder of the largest—and one of the only—diversity and inclusion initiatives focused exclusively on women of color in the film and television industry, Cheryl L. Bedford sees no use in maintaining the status quo.

“I used to say that women of color need to work twice as hard to be considered half as good; that’s what I was told as I was growing up. Now, I say that women of color should be able to be like mediocre white men and still get hired.”