A Memoir Of Family, Caregiving and Redemption: “Some Things Can Be Deleted, Just Often Not The Memory”

Deborah J. Cohan’s ‘Welcome to Wherever We Are: A Memoir of Family, Caregiving, and Redemption’ shows the complexities of unconditional love.

“My dad’s erratic meanness … was all mixed up with his erratic kindness. The erratic nature of it all actually became predictable—predictable erraticness, erratic predictability. … my dad’s behavior was all too often so impossible that I questioned her loyalty and why she stayed; I never really understood them together. Now at 49, I understand it better, through the prism of my own love for my dad, my own loyalty to him, even amid all that went on.”

The Story Behind Her: How Journalists Valeria Fernández and Maritza L. Félix Center the Latinx Community

Women journalists have always been at the forefront of change—so as the U.S. faces compounding crises, it’s no surprise that women journalists are stepping up to bring truth to the public.

This month, meet Valeria Fernández and Maritza L. Félix, co-hosts of the “Comadres Al Aire” podcast based in Phoenix, Arizona.

We Heart: Comedian Carolyn Castiglia Welcomes Women Into Stand-Up Comedy

In the male-dominated field of stand-up comedy, it’s rare to find spaces that champion the development of female comics. That’s why we love Carolyn Castiglia: a performer, writer, producer, director and teacher committed to creating spaces where women thrive.

Castiglia gave Ms. 10 tips she tells her students to orient themselves in the space of comedy and develop their own point of view.

The Ms. Q&A: Melissa Scholes Young on Feminism Rising from Rural Roots

“The Hive” is a story of women yearning for independence and equality against the backdrop of familial tragedy, a stark political divide, Rush Limbaugh devotees and a fourth-generation pest control business struggling to get by during the 2008 economic recession.

Author Melissa Scholes Young discusses her role in carving out space for more authentic stories, the unique journeys taken by each of the Fehler women, feminism rising from rural roots and the importance of reinvesting in our rural communities.

June 2021 Reads for the Rest of Us

Are you vaccinated, masked up and ready to get back out there this beautiful Pride Month? I am two of the three because, let’s be honest, I would rather stay home and sit on my sunny porch with a cocktail and a good book.

However you spend it, I hope you have a lovely June and that you can squeeze in some time for a read from this month’s list of 32 amazing books.