The Toll Microaggressions Take on Women Entrepreneurs

In Susanne Althoff’s upcoming book, “Launching While Female: Smashing the System That Holds Women Entrepreneurs Back,” she investigates the gender gap in the business world.

Through interviews with women and nonbinary entrepreneurs, more than half of them BIPOC, “Launching While Female” explores how everything from better funding opportunities to access to mentors and eliminating the use of microaggressions will help their companies grow.

Q&A: Author Caitlin Donohue on Electing Women and the Power of Representation

Though female politicians have gained power and influence, they are still too often squeezed into constricting, one-dimensional, girl boss narratives. No more.

First-time author Caitlin Donohue’s “She Represents: 44 Women Who are Changing Politics… and the World,” recounts women who are influential in global politics yet have diversified beliefs, achievements and journeys.