Scranton, Suffragists, My Grandma Maggie and Me

“Growing up, I’d heard repeatedly from my mother about Maggie’s suffragist days.

“As I became a journalist and activist for women’s rights, learning about women’s history, I began to give my Grandma Maggie her due. … After all Maggie’s responsibilities were met—children born and some buried, wounds healed, dreams nurtured, meals cooked, beds made, clothes ironed, house cleaned, dry goods sold, church work done, besides marching for the vote, was she proud of what she had achieved? I hope she was. I am.”

Not Just Boys: Catholic Church Abuse of Women + Girls

In his notorious Good Friday homily, the Pope’s own preacher, Raniero Cantalamessa, talked about the need to end violence against women, which is crucial, but he did so without any acknowledgment of the Church’s own culpability in the abuse, endangerment, and intimidation of women.