The Femisphere: Trans Feminist Bloggers (Part 1)

The relationship between the trans community and the feminist one has been riddled with frustration, anger and accusations of exclusivity. Despite myriad challenges, however, there are those who feel that trans issues and feminist issues can co-exist and even that they naturally intersect. I recently conducted a roundtable with four trans feminist bloggers on this […]

The Femisphere: Reproductive Rights Bloggers

Sites such as RH Reality Check and Abortion Gang have long comprised a thriving reproductive-rights blogosphere. In the past year, their numbers have swelled, as legions of pissed-off feminists take to the Internet to oppose the growing war on women’s reproductive rights. One of the new kids on the repro-rights block is Keep your Boehner […]

The Femisphere: “Mommy” Bloggers

Last month I wrote a quick overview of feminist parenting bloggers for Ms.‘s “Future of Feminism” series. The huge response I received spurred me to launch “The Femisphere,” a virtual tour of the feminist blogosphere’s overlooked corners. So it feels quite fitting to begin my series with an in-depth look at mothering bloggers. If I had […]

The Femisphere: Welcome to a New Series

All too often, when mainstream media turns its attention toward anything related to feminism, one of two things happens. The first is a heavy-handed criticism of feminism, either for being too radical or too obsolete in “this day and age.” The second is that contemporary feminism is given due credit for its incredible energy and […]

Future of Feminism: Music To Our Ears

For every little girl who grew up fantasizing of becoming a fairytale princess, there was another who dreamed of being a rock ‘n’ roll queen. Thankfully, there are organizations popping up across the country who help girls explore such musical dreams, the Institute for Musical Arts (IMA) in Western Massachusetts being one of them. Founded […]

The Future of Feminism: Not Your Ordinary Mother’s Blog

Mommy Bloggers. Just uttering that phrase brings forth mixed reactions. Some women wear the moniker with pride; others shrug it off with disdain, upset over being pigeon-holed. Personal feelings over the phrase aside, the phenomenon of Mommy Bloggers is a very real thing: Blogs devoted to parenting are a rapidly growing (and revenue-producing) area of […]

Girls in Pearls, Guys in Ties?

A Virginia school district is currently considering a new type of clothing ban that would impact more than 14,000 students. While most schools across the country do tend to have some sort of dress code, from banning T-shirts with offensive slogans to requiring skirts to be a certain length or forbidding baseball hats and pajamas, the Suffolk school […]

In Time for the Holidays, One Toy Store Nixes Pink and Blue

With the holidays fast approaching, many folks will find themselves standing in the aisles of a toy store faced with one big question: boy or girl? The majority of big-box toy stores–and even many local ones–tend to organize their aisles based on gender. Eye-searing pink pervades the girls’ section, which is packed with dolls, princess […]

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