BREAKING: U.S. Poised To Send Salvadoran Woman Back to Her Abuser

The fate of Irma Medrano, the woman seeking sanctuary in the U.S. from her abusive husband in El Salvador, hangs in the balance. Yesterday, the Board of Immigration Appeals dismissed her motion for a stay of deportation. The 44-year-old Medrano fled El Salvador in 1995 to live with her sister in California after years of […]

How I Picked 10 Best Feminist Teen Books of All Time

For my new Ms. magazine article on feminist young-adult fiction (YA), I set out to pick 10 Must-Reads–those books which every 13-year-old with a spark of gender consciousness should have on her (or his) bookshelf. Or, as I say in the piece, those books that offer young protofeminists “refuge or escape–or provide our first ‘click!’ […]

Hey, Remember How Kobe Bryant is Probably a Rapist?

In 2003, when Kobe Bryant was accused of raping a hotel employee–who later refused to testify after her name was dragged through the mud–I first contracted Kobe-Bryant-is-a-Rapist Tourette’s. The condition consists of blurting out at inopportune times (such as the current Lakers vs. Celtics NBA championship finals) and to unsympathetic audiences (such as the denizens […]

We Heart: Sinead O’Connor

“There should be a full criminal investigation of the Pope,” Irish singer Sinead O’Connor told the Los Angeles Times in response to the Vatican scandal this week. Yesterday, she wrote in the Washington Post: This month, Pope Benedict XVI wrote a pastoral letter of apology–of sorts–to Ireland to atone for decades of sexual abuse of […]

Newsflash: Another Priest Abuse Scandal Linked to Pope

The Vatican scandal just keeps getting bigger. Last week we learned that under the watch of Archbishop Ratzinger–now Pope Benedict XVI–a priest accused of molesting choir boys in Germany was allowed to continue working with children. Today the New York Times reports that the Pope ignored allegations of abuse by a Wisconsin priest: Top Vatican […]

What the Health Care Bill Means for Women

President Obama signed the 2,409–page health-care reform act into law yesterday, and the analyses of its effects are beginning to come out. Some provisions go into effect immediately, others in 3-6 months, others in 2014. Here’s how we know it will affect women: Contraceptives are covered, which means millions more women will gain access to […]

We Heart: The Newsweek Three

Three young women editors at Newsweek—Jessica Bennett, Jesse Ellison and Sarah Ball–have written a brave and candid piece calling out sexism at the magazine and in the publishing industry as a whole. They ask how much has changed since 1970, when a pioneering group of women Newsweek editors filed a landmark gender-discrimination suit for, among […]

House Passes Reform; Feminists Speak Out On Abortion Fight

Late Sunday, close to midnight, the House of Representatives passed by 219-212 a health care reform bill that will provide health insurance to tens of millions of uninsured Americans. But feminist groups are speaking out over the singling out of abortion in the health-care debate, and are vowing to fight the Hyde Amendment, which bans […]

Unbelievable: Stupak Hijacking Health Care Reform Again!!

News broke late Friday night that Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) was brokering a deal with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to ban all abortion coverage in the health-care reform bill. You may be feeling deja vu. Backed by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, Stupak pulled the same trick–an 11th hour meeting with Pelosi–to […]

We Love: Margaret Atwood

The results are in from Wired magazine’s challenge to science fiction writers to craft a 6-word story, and apparently Wired thinks women are just too verbose to invite–they printed 29 stories by men and three by women. In this context, feminist Margaret Atwood‘s contribution is especially delicious: Longed for him. Got him. Shit. Margaret, you’ve […]

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