How Gender Shaped the Rohingya Genocide

Gender was integral to how the military committed its crimes against the Rohingya in Burma—and gender must be central to any and all efforts aimed at justice and accountability. 

Pass It On: Give the Gift of Ms. to Women in Prisons and Domestic Violence Shelters

Out of sight may mean out of mind—and heart. For women in prison, this is the tragedy. For the rest of us, this invisibility keeps us from realizing how much women in prison may resemble and could be you and me.

Hate Crimes are Increasing—Likely More Than We Realize

The FBI says hate crimes have risen 17 percent. What would the number be if people felt safe reporting?

Black Women Led the Way on Election Day—Now They’re Leading the Charge for Voting Rights

Black women’s leadership and GOTV efforts led Black women candidates to victory, and the Black women we elected will lead the country on a new path toward equality and justice for all. But we had to overcome monumental hurdles to get to these victories—with some voters still fighting today to ensure their ballots from Tuesday are counted.

Justice Beyond Accountability

Individual accountability matters, but sexual violence is also a community and cultural issue. To end rape culture, we need to seek out new models for justice that go beyond the state.

Getting to Equal: Three Ways We Can All Fight for Gender Mainstreaming in the U.S.

The U.S. needs a feminist systems reboot. This is how we can help make it happen.

Immigrant Children Shouldn’t Live in a Climate of Shame and Fear

As a caravan of an estimated 7,500 immigrants traveled to the United States, President Donald Trump suggested that Democrats helped to organize it—aiding “bad people” to start it and “very bad people” to be a part of it. This shame and punishment is familiar to me. It’s a place I’ve lived as an undocumented child in America. 

Feminists Must Think of the Courts When They Cast Their Ballots

Much is at risk in the age of Trump, from reproductive rights to equal pay to protections for survivors of sexual assault and those face employment discrimination. One way or another, these issues all find their way to the federal courts—and the future of those courts is on the ballot Tuesday.

We Must End Trump’s War on Migrant Women

nless and until they are stopped, the Trump administration will continue to target and attack those who pose the greatest threat to their warped vision of America: Black and Brown women, especially mothers.

Women Need to March on for Peace

57 years ago today, the Women Strike for Peace march planted the seeds that have blossomed into today’s women’s movement.

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