Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to Meet With Alleged Rapists About Campus Sexual Assault Policies

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos will be meeting with so-called “men’s rights activists” and accused rapists Thursday about campus sexual assault policies.

Small Steps Toward Closing California’s Rape Kit Backlog

Thousands of rape kits sit untested and overlooked at police departments and crime lab storage facilities nationwide. According to a partial estimate by the End the Backlog Initiative, about 9,000 kits remain untested in California alone.

Implementing New Norms to End Violence Against Women

A new three-year initiative will work to protect women from violence in Turkey and six countries in the Western Balkans,-with a focus on women from the most disadvantaged groups. 

Swedish Music Festival Cancelled After Sexual Assaults Will Be Replaced by Women-Only Festival

The 50,000-capacity Bravalla Festival grounds will be the largest venue to refuse men entry.

A Judge Facing the Ballot Box

There’s a revolution underway in Santa Clara County in Silicon Valley.

No Means No—And It’s Time for State Laws to Reflect It

In North Carolina, a law in place since 1979 defines rape as consensual sex. Unfortunately, only nine states say otherwise.

Bill Cosby Wants to Teach Men How to Get Away With Sexual Assault

Just days after the Bill Cosby sexual assault trial was declared a mistrial, the comedian launched a plan to paint himself as a victim of his sexual assault allegations.

Grad Students are Unionizing to Fight Campus Sexual Assault

A certified union at Columbia University would mean higher compensation, better benefits and improved labor protections for graduate research and teaching assistants. It would also be a powerful force to fight campus sexual assault.

Former Pennsylvania Lawmaker Admits He Sexually Assaulted His 103-Year-Old Mother-In-Law

Yup. You read that right.

Her Name is Charleena Lyles

Her name is Charleena Lyles. And we must include her name—and those of black women around the country whose lives have been taken by police—in this dialogue for racial justice and for women’s rights.

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