Emma Gatewood: More Than “Grandma”

On September 25, 1955, Emma Gatewood, 67, became the first woman to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail.

Unable to classify Gatewood as a hiker, the press deemed her “Grandma.” Of course, she was so much more: Hiker Gatewood, Pioneer Gatewood, Mother Gatewood, Leader Gatewood, Sister Gatewood, Friend Gatewood.

McDonald’s Sues Ex-CEO, Exposing Toxic Culture of Sexual Harassment

The mounting allegations against former McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook is just the latest development demonstrating how McDonald’s has historically failed to address sexual harassment at all levels of the company.

A recent poll found that 76% of non-managerial female McDonald’s workers have been sexually harassed. Of these women, 12% were sexually assaulted or raped.