What Women Can Expect from a Biden Presidency: On Health Care

President-Elect Biden’s platform for women promises to be the most ambitious presidential agenda yet addressing issues that affect women and girls. This is the first of a multi-part series covering the agenda.

The health care prong of President Elect Biden’s agenda for women includes protecting and strengthening access to reproductive health care, expanding access to high-quality, affordable health care, addressing maternal mortality and tackling health inequities. The platform focuses in particular on developing health care protections for LGBTQ+ women, women with disabilities, incarcerated women, women veterans and Native women.

New Mexico Elects Its First All Women of Color House Delegation

New Mexico made history by electing its first U.S. House delegation made up of all women of color, the result of three races with women running in both major parties.

Democrat Deb Haaland, one of the first Native women in Congress, was elected to a second term against in the 1st Congressional District; Republican Yvette Herrell, a member of Cherokee Nation, defeated the incumbent in a closely-watched race in the 2nd; and Democrat Teresa Leger Fernandez was elected to represent the 3rd District, the first woman to hold the seat since its creation in 1983.

Indian Country is Riding to the Polls

Navajo Nation resident and activist Allie Young—who has been leading voter registration and other voting and census efforts throughout Indian Country through her organization Protect the Sacred—has been organizing “Ride to the Polls,” to encourage Navajo Nation voters to cast their ballots in the 2020 election.

Strengthening Food Security and Sovereignty in Indian Country

The COVID crisis shows how vulnerable Tribal communities are to public health emergencies, food insecurity and economic downturns. But it also underscores the importance of the growing Tribal food sovereignty movement, which aims to reclaim food systems, protect food traditions, and enable Tribes to feed themselves in good times and bad.

Skating on Stolen Land

A roller skating fundraising campaign for Navajo health during the pandemic? At first I thought I had misunderstood my colleague Daisy Purdy’s comment over email. She had written that she might be hard to reach because she would be driving across country, to go to Arizona to begin a roller skating fund-raiser.

But of course, the Navajo Nation is among the hardest hit locations in the world, with the highest per capita COVID-19 infection rate. So awareness and pandemic relief is needed now—not at some later more convenient time.