UPDATE: Another Victory in Rape Is Rape Campaign–Just One Hurdle Left!

Yesterday we reported that a critical vote on the fate of the “forcible rape” definition was scheduled to occur at the FBI Advisory Policy Board (APB) meeting in Albuquerque, N.M. As expected, the APB cast its vote. And it was unanimous in favor of adopting the new definition. After months of raising awareness and generating […]

UPDATE: FBI to Cast Key Vote on “Forcible Rape” Today

After a massive grassroots feminist campaign launched by the Women’s Law Project, the Feminist Majority Foundation (FMF) and Ms. urging the FBI to update its 82-year-old, impossibly narrow definition of “forcible rape” in the Uniform Crime Report (UCR), a key vote is scheduled to be cast today at an FBI Advisory Policy Board meeting in […]

40 Years of Ms. … And Counting

This week, we’re proud to say Ms. magazine is featured on the cover of New York magazine, the place where it all started 40 years ago this December. That’s when New York‘s editor Clay Felker offered to make the very first issue of Ms. an insert in his magazine, where Gloria Steinem was a staff […]

Almost 100,000 Have Told the FBI That Rape Is Rape. Have You?

Nearly 100,000 people have signed onto the Ms. and Feminist Majority Foundation (FMF) campaign to change the FBI’s definition of “forcible” rape. After a Ms. investigative report found that the FBI’s fundamentally flawed definition excludes hundreds of thousands of rapes from the yearly Uniform Crime Report, Ms. and FMF started a Change.org petition urging the […]

Tell Your University: Rape Is Rape

It’s like the age-old question about a tree falling in the forest: If you report a sexual assault on your college campus, does anyone hear it? A study released last month by the Chicago Tribune found that only one arrest was made for every 14 reported sexual assaults on six Midwestern campuses that were surveyed. […]