Like Cattle: Cow Steroid Addiction Among Bangladeshi Prostitutes

Why is a steroid meant for cows so popular among prostitutes in Bangladesh? The use of Oradexon, a steroid commonly used to make cows fatter, is so widespread that the UK charity ActionAid reports approximately 90 percent of the commercial sex workers in Bangladesh are addicted to the drug. Oradexon is favored by many brothel madams […]

Bangladesh: Development Star?

This September, Bangladesh is expected to stand out as the “development star” when countries meet at the United Nations in New York to reaffirm their commitments to the UN’s Millennium Development Goals. The 2015 deadline is looming on the goals, which include ending poverty, achieving gender equality, and improving world health. Bangladesh’s achievements may be […]

Harry Potter Star May Have Been Targeted For Honor Killing

The father and brother of British actor, Afshan Azad, the 22-year-old who has played the part of Hogwart’s student Padma Patil in several Harry Potter films, have been charged with attempting to kill her, according to the BBC. Azad’s brother has also been charged with assault against his sister. CNN reports  that the actress, who […]

Got Oppression? Saudi Kingdom Keeps Women in the Stone Age

Dear Saudi Arabia: Has anyone told you it’s the year 2010 and you can stop with the ludicrous rulings scaling back women’s rights and, specifically, their mobility? Last week, a court in Saudi Arabia sentenced four women and 11 men between the ages of 30-40 years to flogging and prison for “mingling at a party.” […]

Sadly, UVA Lacrosse Killing Was Predictable

I have always held the torch so high for my alma mater the University of Virginia (UVA) that I was pretty much blind to any criticism: perfect UVA in perfect little Charlottesville where perfect students study. Needless to say, when I read about the murder of UVA lacrosse player Yeardley Love, allegedly by her ex-boyfriend […]

A Woman Like Benazir

This month, the United Nations Commission of Inquiry investigating the death of Benazir Bhutto released a report [PDF] which tells us nothing we did not already know: The 2007 assassination of Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Bhutto could have been prevented if the government of then-president Pervez Musharraf had provided her with “adequate security”. Thank you, U.N.! […]

Was Desirée Rogers Too Powerful or Too Black?

The dust is still settling in Washington after the resignation of White House staffer and close Obama insider Desirée Rogers. As social secretary to the Obamas, the task at hand for Rogers was to to project the glamor of the First Couple. The New York Times credits Rogers with “personifying the fresh, new-generation approach that […]

The Case of Japan’s Princess Masako: Sons Over Daughters

The other day, I was reading this post about how Japan’s Princess Aiko has been missing school because of bullying by some boys at her elementary school. While this news is disturbing in itself, what caught my attention was the reference the article made to Aiko’s mother, Princess Masako. Anybody remember this woman? Her story […]

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