Future of Feminism: Hip Hop Critiques Gender

Hip hop and rap have long been derided as anti-woman, especially with the well-known lyrical inclusion of “bitches and hoes.” Still, some have found ways to recuperate even the most virulent songs; hip hop culture and its relationship to feminism is nothing if not complicated. Since the late ’80s and early ’90s, artists such as […]

Future of Feminism: Shaping Feminist Spirituality

Despite (or perhaps because of) the patriarchy of many organized religions, feminism and spirituality have long-standing–if not universally-accepted–ties, from ancient goddess worship to contemporary Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Wiccan/Pagan and Muslim feminisms. Today, I want to chronicle just a few of of the diverse intersections of feminism and spirituality in our modern world. The Women Alliance for […]

Future of Feminism: Anti-Bully Pulpits

The bullying of teenagers and college students, online and in-person, appears to be finally receiving the serious attention it deserves. In the wake of an awful spate of suicides by gay and lesbian teens in late 2010, the issue has prompted a story line about anti-gay bullying on the hit TV show Glee and a […]

Future of Feminism: VAWA Goes Viral

The reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)–which helps provide support networks for victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse and sexual assault and provides funding for law enforcement to address these crimes–gained its 60th co-sponsor on Tuesday. While VAWA may not be a perfect piece of legislation, there’s no question that Congress needs to […]

Future of Feminism: Transfeminism and Its Conundrums

How to address transgender issues has long been a sticking point in feminist circles. Trans women, especially, often find themselves with a conundrum: Not always welcomed into the women’s movement with open arms, they are nevertheless confronted with many of the same sexist and misogynist institutions all women face–sometimes more so because of the extra […]

Future of Feminism: Encouraging Girls and Women in Sports

I’m not much of a sports fan, but I can certainly appreciate the strength, time and sweat that goes into the training of a top athlete. Also, it’s hard to miss that in the hubbub around March Madness, women’s college basketball, despite its long history of stunning athleticism, is yet again being largely ignored in […]

Future of Feminism: Freedom from Body Shaming, Regardless of Size

While I’ve already spent some time discussing the dangerous ways the media sexualizes women and girls, and how it gives the false impression that to be attractive, popular and interesting you must be skinny and hyper-feminine, today I want to switch things up little and talk about the body acceptance movement (also called “size acceptance” […]

Future of Feminism: Girding Girls to Win Debates

Everyone has a right to speak out about the injustices they see in the world, but how to shape that rhetoric so that people actually listen? That’s something many of us spend years mastering. Mentoring girls in these skills is a central goal of the Women’s Debate Institute, a yearly summer workshop in debate for […]

Future of Feminism: One World, Many Gendered Voices

Profiling globally-minded organizations this month has reinforced for me one of the main underpinnings of feminism’s future: expanding the movement’s mission outside of our immediate comfort zones. In other words, moving beyond a personal-is-political philosophy to a politics of global humanity. “Solely discussing gender [is] not enough,” says Colleen Hodgetts, associate editor of the collaborative […]

Future of Feminism: Sex Workers Deserve Dignity and Care

There’s no doubt that sex work in its various manifestations, ranging from stripping to prostitution to pornography, remains a contentious issue. It’s one on which even feminists notoriously disagree–a “fracture in ideology,” according to Kate Holden–with discussions veering back and forth between victimization and empowerment. Of course there’s a substantial difference between becoming a sex […]