Alice Walker Documentary on PBS This Friday

Sometimes you have to write the stories you want to read—or, in this case, see. A few years ago, filmmaker Pratibha Parmar was staying with friends and happened across PBS’ American Masters series on DVD.  She couldn’t help but notice something was missing: They were all about American men who are icons, or who have […]

It’s A Bird! It’s A Plane! No, It’s A Feminist Superhero!

You may not know it yet, but there’s a new hero in town—specifically, in Gloria City, the Gotham-esque setting of the innovative online comic book My So-Called Secret Identity which just published its first issue last week. Rife with violence and bursting to the seams with a cadre of grandstanding superheroes, Gloria City is also […]

Future of Feminism: Is Now!

After 30 days, the time has come for the final “Future of Feminism” post.  As I think is fairly obvious from the variety of topics this month, there’s no way to quickly sum up the future of feminism. Feminism is a many-splendored thing, embracing, supporting and advocating for people in America and across the globe.  […]

Future of Feminism: Say No to Human Trafficking

A couple weeks ago, I posted about some of the many great organizations that support sex workers’ rights. I intentionally focused on sex workers who entered the industry for reasons “falling somewhere on a spectrum between choice and circumstance.” I wanted to emphasize how we can advocate and care for sex workers, while leaving aside, […]

Future of Feminism: Girls and Women, Don’t Be Camera-Shy!

When a Los Angeles Times article published just before the Oscars last month revealed the makeup of the Oscar voting pool–94 percent Caucasian and 77 percent male!–many of us wondered what we could do to change such an entrenched institution. In fact, across the board, the representation of women and people of color in film, […]

Future of Feminism: Telling Our Stories Out Loud

So often, the purely academic approach to feminism isn’t enough; you need to connect with people through personal anecdotes, humor and everyday experiences in order to break through and help people realize why feminism is vital. The women that follow do this with great aplomb through spoken word, slam poetry and other forms of performative […]

Future of Feminism: Hip Hop Critiques Gender

Hip hop and rap have long been derided as anti-woman, especially with the well-known lyrical inclusion of “bitches and hoes.” Still, some have found ways to recuperate even the most virulent songs; hip hop culture and its relationship to feminism is nothing if not complicated. Since the late ’80s and early ’90s, artists such as […]

Future of Feminism: Shaping Feminist Spirituality

Despite (or perhaps because of) the patriarchy of many organized religions, feminism and spirituality have long-standing–if not universally-accepted–ties, from ancient goddess worship to contemporary Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Wiccan/Pagan and Muslim feminisms. Today, I want to chronicle just a few of of the diverse intersections of feminism and spirituality in our modern world. The Women Alliance for […]

Future of Feminism: Anti-Bully Pulpits

The bullying of teenagers and college students, online and in-person, appears to be finally receiving the serious attention it deserves. In the wake of an awful spate of suicides by gay and lesbian teens in late 2010, the issue has prompted a story line about anti-gay bullying on the hit TV show Glee and a […]

Future of Feminism: VAWA Goes Viral

The reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)–which helps provide support networks for victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse and sexual assault and provides funding for law enforcement to address these crimes–gained its 60th co-sponsor on Tuesday. While VAWA may not be a perfect piece of legislation, there’s no question that Congress needs to […]

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