Feminist Activists Find Peace in Thailand

On a recent trip to Thailand, my activist-prone daughter and I (Becky Thompson) had the lucky opportunity to meet with U.S.-born feminist activist Ginger Norwood and Thai Buddhist feminist Ouyporn Khuankaew, who co-founded in 2002 a retreat center for activists from the region who are seeking rejuvenation. In clay earth adobe buildings that the women […]

Joy Harjo’s Trail of Tears

As the most well-known Native (Mvskoke-Creek) woman poet of her generation, and the 2009 Nammy winner for best female artist, Joy Harjo has been offering us her words and music for three decades now. In her late 50s, she is still at the height of her creative powers, still one of only a handful of Native musicians […]

Letter to Elin Nordegren

“No matter how we might personally feel about your husband’s behavior, Elin, we watched with increasing discomfort as the media and his sponsors went from deeming him a chosen one to treating him as a predator. Such punishment for indiscretions reveal that racism is still with us, and you and your multiracial toddlers are caught in the middle of all of this.”

Helicopters for Haiti

here is something terribly wrong with our priorities when Olympic officials can helicopter in hundreds of tons of snow to keep Whistler Mountain covered in white, but the U.S. sends the military to Haiti after the quake, not food.

What would it have looked like for food to have been dropped from helicopters to all parts of Haiti with the same speed and precision used to drop snow in Vancouver?