The Midwife Delivers

“Lady’s Hands, Lion’s Heart” is the memoir of a New Hampshire midwife so embittered by her own birthing experience that she dedicates her life to providing a more “‘natural” and loving environment for women who want an alternative to hospital births. At times thoughtful, other times in-your-face, her story may have you cringing, laughing and crying all at the same time.

Hallelujah for Equal Rights!

Everyone at Ms. is saying ‘Hallelujah!’ for the Episcopal Church approving the ordainment of Mary Glasspool and Diane M. Jardine Bruce, “the first two women to be elected as bishops in the 114-year history of the Los Angeles diocese.” Glasspool is also the first out lesbian to be granted ordainment by the church.

Grrrls-Eye View of The Runaways

The new film The Runaways follows a group of young women who defy social standards and start a band under the “guidance” of a 35-year-old man, record producer Kim Fowley. Drugs, alcohol and manipulation by the sexist, power-hungry Fowley lead to the band’s early demise. Currie retreats to a comfortable cookie-cutter lifestyle while Jett goes on to become a rock legend.

The Alcohol Excuse Just Doesn’t Cut It

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy holidays as much as the next person, but St. Patrick’s Day is one of the only holidays based on binge drinking (besides Purim and the U.S.’s debased version of Cinco de Mayo). It’s hard to get behind a holiday that potentially increases the risk of violence and sexual assault. Obviously alcohol isn’t solely to blame, but its constant presence in rape and assault cases is undeniable.

Granny D Walks Her Last Mile

It’s one thing to write a letter to your Congressperson, but quite another to walk across the country for campaign finance reform at the age of 89. Doris ‘Granny D’ Haddock’s 3,200-mile walk took over a year and two birthdays on the road to complete. She gave speeches along the way urging single women and African Americans to exercise their right to vote.

We Heart: Gloria Steinem (duh!)

“If I could have one wish for the women’s movement worldwide, it would be to have feminist groups everywhere. We’re communal creatures. We need to gather together once a week or once a month and discover that we’re not alone, and to be able to tell the truth together.”