Pentagon Loosens “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

The Pentagon announced earlier today that the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy will have a looser interpretation, effective immediately.  This means that now: -Third party information must be given under oath -Anonymous complaints will be disregarded -Third party informers who might have ulterior motives behind their statements will be investigated -Confidential information cannot be used […]

The Midwife Delivers

If you’ve witnessed over a decade’s worth of home births, like Carol Leonard has, you’re bound to have garnered a few interesting stories. Lady’s Hands, Lion’s Heart is the memoir of a New Hampshire midwife so embittered by her own birthing experience that she dedicates her life to providing a more “‘natural” and loving environment […]

Then + Now: Celebrating YOU

The January 1975 cover of Ms. (left) celebrated International Women’s Year by using a mirror to evoke the reaction, “Holy moly! I’m on the cover of Ms.!” Thirty-two years later, in 2007, Time magazine declared “YOU” its “Person of the Year” (right) in recognition of the ascent of YouTube and other information-sharing networks. Both covers […]

Hallelujah for Equal Rights!

Everyone at Ms. is saying ‘Hallelujah!’ for the Episcopal Church approving the ordainment of Mary Glasspool and Diane M. Jardine Bruce, “the first two women to be elected as bishops in the 114-year history of the Los Angeles diocese.” Glasspool is also the first out lesbian to be granted ordainment by the church. The first […]

Grrrls-Eye View of The Runaways

Twilight stars representing an influential all-woman rock band? I hate Hollywood. That was my initial response to learning of the new feature film about the famed band The Runaways, written/directed by Floria Sigismondi and starring Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning as Joan Jett and Cherie Currie. The film follows a group of young women who defy social standards […]

We Loathe: The Alcohol Excuse

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy holidays as much as the next person, but St. Patrick’s Day is one of the only holidays based on binge drinking (besides Purim and the U.S.’s debased version of Cinco de Mayo). It’s hard to get behind a holiday that potentially increases the risk of violence and sexual assault. […]

Then + Now: The Disembodied Woman

Many thanks to our reader who wrote in comparing a Spike TV ad for a sitcom about college football (left, featured in the No Comment section of the Winter issue of Ms.) to this 1978 Hustler cover (right). Appears that, after 32 years, we’re still hanging women up like pieces of meat. Thanks a lot, […]

Granny D Walks Her Last Mile

It’s one thing to write a letter to your Congressperson, but quite another to walk across the country for campaign finance reform at the age of 89. Doris ‘Granny D’ Haddock’s 3,200-mile walk took over a year and two birthdays on the road to complete. She gave speeches along the way urging single women and […]

We Heart: Gloria Steinem (duh!)

In an interview this weekend with Patt Morrison in the LA Times, Gloria Steinem said: If I could have one wish for the women’s movement worldwide, it would be to have feminist groups everywhere. We’re communal creatures. We need to gather together once a week or once a month and discover that we’re not alone, and […]

Shameless Puppy Photo

This cute pup is ready to play in her festive This is What a Feminist Looks Like t-shirt. (Photoshopped? We don’t know what you’re talking about.) Have photos of your pet in funky feminist gear? Send them over to and your special furry pal could be chosen to star in the next Brighten Your […]