No Comment Goes to High School

During my first college Women’s Studies class, I kept thinking, “Why couldn’t I have learned this in high school?” Turns out some lucky high school students get to: Ray Salazar’s English class at Jones College Prep in Chicago brought women’s studies into the classroom when they embarked on a project inspired by a “No Comment” […]

Film Review: Mother and Child

Films with multiple narratives can be hit or miss. Producer Alejandro González Iñárritu’s 2006 film Babel, for instance, left me wanting to fast-forward the other two plots to see what happened in the Japanese storyline. But González Iñárritu’s new film Mother and Child, written and directed by Rodrigo García, is a successful example of illustrating three separate […]

We Spleen: The Ben Roethlisberger Excuse

Okay Jason Whitlock, how many times do we feminists have to tell you that a drunk sorority girl is not an invitation for rape and sexual assault? Your argument defending Ben Roethlisberger and blaming women for not assuming all guys are sexual predators on the prowl, is insulting to both women and men.

Misogynist 80s Music Video

Sex addiction has gotten a lot of media coverage lately, with VH1’s Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew and celebrities like Jesse James, David Duchovny and Tiger Woods seeking treatment. Psychologists are debating whether sex addiction is a real disease or just an excuse for chronic adultery. Little did we know that the Egyptian Lover’s 1986 ode to sex addiction, […]

Bitter Pie Comix: Not Your Bitch

Self-published zines, pamphlets and comics have a rich history of political and social activism. They provide alternative thinkers with a cheap and easy way to connect with other like-minded people. Although not as widely circulated as national publications, the underground zine and comic network materializes in the form of symposiums, workshops, snail mail correspondences, pot-luck […]

Anti-Abortion Extremist Scott Roeder Sentenced to Life

Scott Roeder was sentenced to life in prison today for the murder of late-abortion provider Dr. George Tiller. The murder was committed last May in Wichita, Kansas, in the foyer of Tiller’s church. Roeder shot the physician in the head at point-blank range while Tiller was handing out programs for the Sunday morning service. Roeder […]

Then + Now: TV Teen Dramas

At the risk of sounding like a crotchety old twit at age 23, I have to say: Ad campaigns for TV dramas that target teen girls seem incredibly raunchy these days. I grew up watching quirky, grungy 90’s protagonists like Angela from My So-Called Life (premiered 1994), Clarissa of Clarissa Explains it All (1991) and Spike from Degrassi […]