Imagine There’s No Gender: It’s Not Easy, But We Can Try

“Imagine a world without gender.” That’s the directive in the email signature of Judith Lorber, author of Breaking the Bowls: Degendering and Feminist Change. It’s one I find deeply inspiring, but I can already hear the chorus of feminist objections. Let me address some of those from my perspective as a feminist sociologist. Without gender, […]

Until We Reach Equality, We Won’t End “Chore Wars”

[Co-written with Helen Mederer] The latest cover story from Time magazine, “Chore Wars,” purports to “lay to rest” the notion of working women’s second shift, instructing them to “move on” from their feelings of inequity. The implication–a familiar one–is that wives should stop complaining and be more appreciative of their husbands. The article mainly focuses […]

Sady Doyle Takes On Michael Moore

The first step of the #MooreandMe campaign was to call out Michael Moore and point out that to mock accusations of sexual assault is to participate in rape culture. Survivors pointed out the fear about making an accusation of sexual assault, particularly against someone popular. Olbermann and Moore just reinforced those fears.

Don’t Be Shamed by “The Weight Talk”

I recently had my annual physical, and I got The Weight Talk for the first time. Luckily, I had come prepared.  While driving to the appointment, I even rehearsed in anticipation. When I got The Talk, I responded by saying that I will never count calories.  I asked the doctor in earnest why he would […]