Women: Take What Is Ours

Forced feedings of raw eggs. Beatings by prison guards. A woman “doubled over like a sack of flour.” These are not the images that immediately come to mind when we picture U.S. women’s fight for the vote. The facts have been sugarcoated by history, which likes to remember women’s suffrage as a proud moment for […]

What NYC SlutWalk Was, and What It Wasn’t

Union Square was packed when I arrived at this weekend’s inaugural New York SlutWalk. The crowd was mostly women, mostly young and mostly white. Clothing styles ranged from topless to scanty to normal street garb to formal. One woman wore a business suit. A common thread was “slut” in red and black markers across foreheads, […]

Clinton, Bachelet Head to Egypt, Tunisia To Push Women’s Role

Egyptian and Tunisian women’s role in post-revolutionary governments was a major concern at the high-powered “Women in the World” summit this past weekend, hosted by Newsweek and Daily Beast editor Tina Brown. Speakers such as Melinda Gates, Madeline Albright and Melanne Verveer devoted three days to discussing the importance of investing in women worldwide. After […]

Big Apple Takes Big Step Against CPCs

The battle against crisis pregnancy centers’ (CPCs’) deceptive tactics rages on, and this time New York City has joined the fight. The City Council passed a truth-in-advertising bill on Wednesday in order to combat about a dozen CPCs that are currently operating in the city. The bill’s passage comes after a federal judge struck down a […]

Maloney Re-Introduces Bill To Ban False Ads By CPCs

The Stop Deceptive Advertising Women’s Services Act (SDAW) is back on the table. Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) and Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) have re-introduced the bill that would stop crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs)–anti-abortion-counseling offices that often masquerade as health-care providers–from using false advertising. SDAW would direct the Federal Trade Commission to declare it “an unfair […]

Big Hug for the F Word

One of the Newsweek 3 has written another great piece on the magazine’s website. Jessica Bennett focuses on the importance of feminism today and discusses the frequent cringes generated by the F word. Like Bennett,  we’ve all heard the dreaded disclaimer, “I’m not a feminist but…” Fear of the F word, Bennett writes, reflects a misconception, […]

Is Lady Gaga a Feminist or Isn’t She?

Lady Gaga will say something feminist one minute and equate feminism with man-hating the next. Sometimes she seems too skinny, too blonde, too commercial–but then she explains how her Bad Romance video simulates the trafficking of women as commodities in the music industry and I swoon. So, I set out to settle the question: Is Lady Gaga a feminist or isn’t she?