Global Feminist Heroes Honored in L.A.

An Afghan rapper. The founder of the first primary school for girls in a Kenyan village. A trailblazing member of Congress who fights to create an AIDS-free generation. An advocate for women’s and children’s rights and empowerment. Tonite in Los Angeles, the Feminist Majority Foundation (publisher of Ms.) will award these four women with its […]

Live from Netroots Nation 2012: All the Feminism That’s Fit To Stream

Progressive online journalists and politicians will gather this weekend in Providence, R.I., for the seventh annual Netroots Nation conference. With sessions on blogging, social networking and strategizing, Netroots is the politics geek’s equivalent of Comic-Con—minus the crazy costumes. Leftist luminaries are always in attendance; among this year’s main attractions are Paul Krugman, Elizabeth Warren and […]

Support Titwrench!

Last week, Denver, Colorado’s annual all ages, women-centered music and arts festival, Titwrench, reached its Kickstarter goal of $3,000. But the community-based, DIY event still needs your help. Sprung from a living-room conversation between friends about feminism, Titwrench is now heading into its third year and has grown into a four-day festival of underrepresented artists […]

Don’t Ms.: Women’s History Scavenger Hunt, A Call for Tweeting Feminists of Color, and More!

Welcome back to another round of Don’t Ms.! We’ve got a good variety of feminist events this week, so there are plenty of opportunities to get involved. Feminist events are calling for writers, activists, explorers–everyone is invited! Nationwide: “Professional Feminist” Morgane Richardson and CUNY Associate Professor Jessie Daniels are calling for submissions of essays about […]

Women, Money, Power: The Unbeatable Trio

It’s been a rough couple of months for women. Republicans are waging a war against us on state and federal levels, our rights are getting trampled on an all-too-frequent basis and the future is looking a bit dreary. We sign petitions and write letters to congressmen, but sometimes we may feel like screaming into a […]