Called to Account: Inside the Feminist Fight to End Clergy Sex Abuse

In 2018, revelations about the Catholic hierarchy’s cover-up of clergy sex abuse came too fast and too often for church leaders to contain. To fully understand this crisis, it is crucial to recognize that it is taking place in a church where women remain locked out of the governing structure, without voice, vote or power.

Why The Sudden Outrage, GOP?

Republican Party leaders, so self-righteously appalled by this image of Trump grabbing a woman in her most private part, do this in legislatures every day.

“The Innocents” Tackles Women, Faith and Rape in War

This intense, gripping and demanding film is about women struggling together against incredible odds to hold onto faith in God and humanity; about good and evil, means and ends, themes reflected in the choice to film in black, white, blue and all the shades of grey.

“A Thousand Times Goodnight” — The Work/Family Conflict Goes to War

A Thousand Times Goodnight goes way beyond the usual conversation about how a woman can balance the competing demands of work and family. It illuminates the profound moral quandary at the heart of the conflict, heightened because this mother’s work not only takes her away from her family: It can also kill her. Rebecca (Juliette […]

Easter Sunday Paradox: Father Roy Must Recant, But Pedophile Priests Go Free

Joining the now-excommunicated women who have stepped forward to be ordained as Roman Catholic priests, the latest victim of the Church’s strong-armed resistance towards women’s equality is internationally beloved Father Roy Bourgeois. The Church hierarchy, in its treatment of Bourgeois, is showing that it considers any advocacy of women’s ordination to be much, much worse […]

Living Lopsided in a Symmetrical World

When I first saw the silicon breast shells that I had bought at My Secret mastectomy boutique on Manhattan’s Upper West Side for sale at Lord and Taylor, I was stunned. One of those shells—called in medical parlance a prosthesis—had been a secret part of my life for years, from the time I surrendered half of my […]

Bad Shoes and the Author Who Takes Them On

It happened in Milan at a 2008 Prada fashion show.  “I was having a panic attack, my hands were shaking,” a runway model recalls.  “Some of the girls were crying backstage, they were so scared.”  Why the dramatics—An Act of terrorism?  An explosion? Had the prime minister been assassinated? No. These women were fearful of […]

Not Just Boys: Catholic Church Abuse of Women + Girls

In his notorious Good Friday homily, the Pope’s own preacher, Raniero Cantalamessa, talked about the need to end violence against women, which is crucial, but he did so without any acknowledgment of the Church’s own culpability in the abuse, endangerment, and intimidation of women.

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