Global Beat: England, Kenya, Japan, South Africa, Sweden

ENGLAND: The Church of England has appointed Dr Jeffrey John, an openly gay clergymember, as Bishop of Southwark. Supporters maintain that John is the right man to lead the liberal diocese, but conservative Anglicans warn that the appointment could split the Church–again. KENYA: Amnesty International reports that women and girls in Kenyan slums, bereft of private […]

Newsflash: Australia Elects Its First Woman Prime Minister

Australia just beat America (and Hillary Clinton) to the punch: yesterday, Julia Gillard was sworn in as its first woman prime minister after a surprising Labor Party leadership vote. Gillard defeated Kevin Rudd, who began the year as the most popular Australian prime minister in three decades, but his popularity declined over the last few […]

Global Beat: Egypt, Ireland, England, North Korea, The Maldives

EGYPT: Only one woman won a seat in Egypt’s mid-term Upper Parliament elections this month, and the Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights is not happy about it. The Center blames the results on the small number of women candidates and lack of party support, and suggests that candidates shy away from reliance on political parties […]

No Comment: Baby Gaga

For those of us already upset by the media’s hypersexualization of women, the  sexualization of little girls can really throw us into a tizzy. So you can imagine how feminists felt about the “Baby Gaga” video that has been making the virtual rounds, garnering over 30,000 hits on YouTube and a Balloon-Boy-like combination of fascination, […]

No Comment: Craigslist Edition

One reality “TV SHOW” is looking for some “FRAZZLED & DISHEVELLED FEMALES” to transform into beauteous–even “BEAUTTEOUS”–Brides-To-Be. In their Craigslist quest to find “REAL WOMEN” in need of a makeover, the producers have implicitly denigrated the lifestyle choices of most real women we know. (Particularly, us women who don’t engage in 3-hour-a-day grooming routines.) Here’s their […]

Global Beat: Pesticides Cause Suicides in China?

CHINA: A deadly pesticide could be contributing to high suicide rates among China’s rural women, reports Ms. Blogger Megan Shank in The Daily Beast. Chinese women are 25 percent more likely to commit suicide than Chinese men, and researchers have found links between exposure to organophosphate pesticides–which are banned in many countries–and suicidal thoughts. Kept in many […]

No Comment: Interactive Ad Edition

Where do environmentalism, shaving and penis jokes intersect? Philips Norelco has found the magic answer with a new ad campaign, which encourages the would-be shaver to create a virtual self complete with your ideal body and face, “level of deforestation” and a “friend”–either a nude woman or an animal–to accompany you to the scenic locale of […]