What’s Inclusivity Got to Do With It? Reflecting on ‘Meghan and Harry with Oprah’

“Before Meghan, Princess Diana had already warned that strong, independent women are incompatible with an institution that can only support one queen whose interests must further patriarchy, imperialism and whiteness.

“Change is possible in our attitudes on gender, race and class, but sometimes—as we’re learning from the examples of Diana and Meghan—the changes are much too slow.”

What Are You Thinking, Oprah?

Oprah, Oprah, Oprah–what are you thinking, girl? Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom is your book club selection, the first book of your last season? Really? Mr. “high-art literary tradition”? Remember him–he who refused to go slumming with Oprah’s readership nine years ago? Too lowbrow, too “schmaltzy.” The man who told National Public Radio in 2001: “I had […]

Lane Bryant Ad Sparks Weighted Discussion

Before hearing from a Lane Bryant employee on what she thinks about the recent controversy over her company’s overtly sexy ad featuring a non-emaciated model in a bra is really about, do me a favor: Name a beloved fat male celebrity. Jack Black, Jonah Hill, Ruben Studdard, Santa! Now, how about a fat female celebrity? […]