It Takes Moms Four Extra Months To Earn What Dads Earn

Wednesday, May 5, marks #MomsEqualPay Day—the day in 2021 when the average mother working full-time year-round finally catches up to what the average dad earned in 2020. In other words, it takes moms four extra months on average to earn what dads earn.

For every dollar paid to white, non-Hispanic fathers:

  • Latina mothers are paid just 46 cents;
  • Native American mothers are paid just 50 cents;
  • Black Mothers are paid 52 cents;
  • white, non-Hispanic mothers are paid 71 cents; and
  • AAPI mothers are paid 90 cents.

Take Action

You can help raise awareness about #MomsEqualPay Day in several ways:

Use the hashtags #MomsEqualPay, #FrontlineMoms, and #MomsAreEssential to help us raise awareness about the wage gap and its impact on moms and their families.


Then, join Moms Rising, Equal Pay Today, One Fair Wage, High Road Restaurants and Equal Rights Advocates for a free live online event from 12–1 p.m. PT/3–4 p.m. ET. We’ll discuss moms leaving the workforce at rapid rates due to the pandemic and the gender wage disparities it’s causing, as well as the labor shortage in the restaurant industry.

Hear from legislators, policy experts and frontline moms—while also giving a nod to Cinco De Mayo with our resident mixologist and frontline mom, who’ll teach how to make the best mocktail (or cocktail) around. Register here.


You can also mark the day by taking action to support the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act—a federal bill that would close loopholes for pregnant workers who could be fired for requesting reasonable on-the-job accommodations, such as access to a stool or a water bottle.

Let your senators know that this isn’t something that can wait: Every day, pregnant workers are being forced to choose between their income and their health. Tweet at your senators and ask them to support the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act!

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Equal Rights Advocates is an American nonprofit women’s rights organization that was founded in 1974. ERA is a legal organization dedicated to advancing rights and opportunities for women, girls, and people of all gender identities through groundbreaking legal cases.